Do You Know How To Deal With Distractions in Golf ?


To play at their best, players have to be totally focused on the process of executing the shot at hand. However, staying focused and not getting distracted is where the players find complexity. It is very easy to get distracted and lose focus and concentration while playing the golf game.

All players get distracted and there could be plenty of reasons that make a player lose focus from his game. If you happen to feel that you are getting distracted i.e. not being able to focus, then the first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself the reason for your distraction.


Ask yourself :

1.  Why do I get distracted ?
2.  What kinds of distractions make me anxious ?
3.  What are the times when I get distracted the most ?
4.  Are there certain situations that seem to take my focus off my shot ?

What Next ?

Once you have identified the scenarios when you get distracted from your game, it is highly recommend that you make a note of all these situations. Noting down those distracting moments will help you analyze and apply some techniques to remove the negative impact those distractions.
*  Worrying about a bad shot;
Trying too hard to focus;
Thinking about not to hit the bunker;
Thinking about avoiding the tress on the right;
Thinking about the last shot that you missed;
Thinking about what your playing partners think of your swing.

Change Your Mindset to Deal with Distractions in Golf :

In order to deal with the distractions in golf, you need to reframe your mindset and develop mental toughness so that you are in a very strong state of mind, which enables you to easily concentrate on your golf game and stay focused.

Let me explain this concept this way; when you put too much importance on removing distractions and worry about not playing a bad shot or not to hit the bunker, you are involuntarily increasing the negative influence these inevitable distractions will have on your game.

So, the concept is absolutely very simple. In order to be mentally strong enough that you do not get distracted by things happening around you, you need to direct your attention towards your goal. You may ask it is so simple, does it work? Yes, it works, instead of concentrating on what you don’t want; you need to focus on what you want.

Here Are Some Techniques That Will Help You Deal With Distractions in Golf :

Step 1. Learn to Back-off :  Whenever you get distracted from your game, it means that you are not completely i.e., mentally ready to play the shot. This is the time when you should back-off (not play the shot). You should walk away from the ball and then come back to it and start all over again.
Step 2. Practice How to Back-off on the Driving Range :  Practice how and when to back-off on the driving range. Practice and make it a habit.
Step 3. Assess Yourself by Asking Goal Oriented Questions : Whenever you find yourself getting distracted, stop for a little while, take a deep breath and ask the following goal oriented questions:
• What is my goal ?
• How will I get it ?
• When do I want it by
• How will I know when I reach my goal ?
• Why have I always wanted to be a golfer ?
• How might I stop myself ?
Step 4. Practice Visualization : A pre-shot visualization routine is crucial and required to make a good swing. Integrating a visualization process into your pre-shot routine helps your mind stay focused and regain the positive energy from the last shot. You must visualize and focus on every shot that you want to hit. When focusing on the shot in front of you, be very decisive. Tell yourself exactly what type of shot you want to hit and visualize i.e., picture the shot in your mind.