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Gaganjeet Bhullar, India's rising star a striking winner of Yeangder Tournament Players Championship 2012 and the Venetian Macau Open 2012, has became the Youngest Indian with an Asian Tour Merit Ranking 4 and Official World Golf Ranking 89 from 410 within one year after getting trained by Mr Pradeep Aggarwal. More

Anirban Lahiri with Mr.Pradeep Aggarwal After Winning the BILT OPEN 2009 by seven strokes scoring 20 under par and Won the First prize of Rs.1,60,0000

Anirban Lahiri earns his British open Debut with victory at IFQ in Thailand.He is the second Indian player who won the Qualifying round after meeting Mr.Pradeep Aggarwal.

Won SAIL-SBI Open-2012 22-25 Feb12 and earned $47,550

Anirban Lahiri aims to play in Europe and America More

Sneha Singh

Sneha Singh won in category E
in Hyderabad Junior tournament
at Hyderabad Golf Club on 24th
June 2012 after taking mind coaching from
Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal.

Karan Bharat

Karan Bharat won in
cat A and B in Hyderabad
Junior tournament on 24th June 2012 after taking mind coaching from MR. Pradeep Aggarwal.



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Learn the Proper Golf Swing mechanics that reveal how to
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The Mental Golf Game

Your mental game is as important as your training and equipment. The biggest component of a golfer is his mind, so mastering the mental golf is essential.


India's top rising golfer Gaganjeet Bhullar has been picked for the prestigious 'Arjuna Award 2013', India's highest civilian honour for sportsmen.

Rahil Gangjee Canters to Six-Stroke Win at PGTI Championship

Kolkata’s Rahil Gangjee cantered to a comfortable six-stroke win at the PGTI Players Championship at Chandigarh Golf Club after a rock-solid performance in the final round.

Pradeep Aggarwal's Interview On ESPN

ESPN spoke to Gaganjeet Bhullar's Mental trainer and hypnotherapist Mr.Pradeep Aggarwal on 29th July 2009 after Ganganjeet Bhullar winning the Asian tour International title"Indonesian Presidential Invitational "


Pradeep Aggarwal's Interview On NDTV on Mind Coaching

Pradeep Aggarwal training India's Top Golfer Gaganjeet Bhullar for Volvo China Open played at Tianjin Binhai Lake Golf Club,China from 02 May to 05 May 2013




Pradeep Aggarwal training India's Top Golfer Gaganjeet Bhullar for BMW PGA Championship played at Wentworth Club, England from 23 May to 26 May 2013



Rahil Gangjee makes a Rare HOLE IN ONE AT PAR-4

Rahil Gangjee did what many people tried to do before him. He produced a stunning tee shot/drive at the 15th hole of the 2011 Mylan Classic's final round to produce a very rare moment in golf. An ace at a par 4 hole, also called double eagle or albatros to prevent any discussions.He is the third person in the world to achieve this amazing feat.


Golfer Anirban Lahiri wins Panasonic Open

Darren Golsby, Australia Interview with Pradeep Aggarwal -1


Darren Golsby, Australia Interview with Pradeep Aggarwal -2

Gaganjeet Bhullars Interview on NDTV after qualifying for British Open in 2009


Testimonial of Simi Mehra


Training Siddikur Rahman at Bangladesh

MD Zamal
Won American Express Bangladesh Open
January 2012 After Training with Pradeep Aggarwal



Powerful Mental Skills that need to be developed

Golf is not about perfection. It’s a game of confidence. Golf is more than just a physical sport. It’s a mind game which can be achieved when a golfer has tough mental skills and a powerful mind set. The mind can be a golfer’s best friend, which helps to develop the mechanics of smooth and reliable swing for moving the ball from the tee to the cup. By utilizing psychological coaching principles you will reach your zenith and in turn, it’ll help you to play the best golf ever.


Psychology for golf

To become a good and successful golfer you must learn how to play your best swing. Once the best swing is learned, the next step is to concentrate on how to manage the thoughts and feelings that inevitably arise while playing. You know that when you are calm and confident you experience greater balance and control on the golf course but somehow tension creeps in and disturbs your concentration. Nervousness is just as common in golf as in other sports. It can affect the ability and thinking to perform physical skills. So you need to maintain the balance between your mind and body. The finest golfers have learned how to maintain emotional equilibrium on the course and direct energy productively.

Scientist led to the conclusion that the mind produces anxiety, tension, embarrassment, and fear which can tighten muscles and wipe out your concentration while playing the game. And because of this fight or flight response is activated and the brain secretes undesirable neurotransmitter substances like non-epinephrine, which leads to the release of adrenalin into the muscles. Because of this, physiological changes occur such as an increase in: heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and blood lactate levels. Blood lactate levels influences the muscle tension and that in turn affects the flexibility of the player and ultimately the swing and score itself. This especially affects putting.

  Imagine what it would be like to:  
  • Keep a balance between your mind and body
  • Be ble to focus on your game and enhance your golf.
  • Feel more relaxed and confident on the golf course.
  • Be able to play your swing according to your rhythm.
  What I believe in, is putting your mind to achieve your scoring potential. You know that we all have conscious and subconscious mind. The Conscious mind works in the present moment. It has the ability to accept or reject any thought or idea. While subconscious mind works on how it is programmed to do. It works automatically that you never have to think about. The subconscious mind functions are consistent. If you give all golf instructions to this part and trust it to play the game you want, then it will return your best performance.

Thus, there are many ways to develop the skills, so explore with me on my pages and my website the different ways you can improve your game.
  What Products and Services are Available ?
This site contains free articles in mental coaching, relaxation training, golf -hypnosis, golf-psychology, NLP and mastering the mind game through improved mind body balance. We also provide sets of CD’s to improve the game and mental programming for golfers to play their best game hereafter. So now you can create optimal brain state, both before and during play to truly take your game to the next level and beyond.