10 Situations When You Should Back-Off to Lower Your Golf Score


Three or four worst shots can add up to your score in the golf game. And those are the times when you think you should not have played the shot.

There are certain situations in golf when it is better for you to back-off (not play the shot) and keep your golf score low instead of playing and adding up your score.

Would I be able to identify that situation beforehand ?

  Indeed yes. It is different for different players. You need to know which situation you fall into.  

How ?

  To find out if you are in any of these ten situations, you need to watch out for the subtle signals that your mind gives you. Our mind always gives us signals but often times we ignore these signals or we do not listen to them.  

So, what should I do if I find myself in any of these situations ?

  When you find yourself in any of these ten situations, then you should walk away from the shot i.e., DO NOT play the shot. You may return to re-address the shot in a new frame of mind.  

Now, what are those situations ?

  Well, there are ten different situations when you should back-off from playing the shot.

You should not play the golf shot:
Situation # 1 :  When you feel mentally unprepared or unready to play the shot.
Situation # 2 :   When you see a bad shot in your mind..
Situation # 3 :   When you are worried about playing a bad shot.
Situation # 4 :   When you feel uncomfortable during the setup for the shot.
Situation # 5 :   When you are indecisive about the club selection.
Situation #6 :   : When you doubt your ability to execute a shot.
Situation #7 :   When you focus more on what you’re playing partners think of your swing, more than your game.
Situation #8 :   When you constantly think about the last shot you messed up.
Situation #9 :   When you think about the future holes.
Situation #10 :   When you have a gut-feeling that you should better be not playing the shot. Or when your instinct tells you not to hit a shot meaning you are not ready to play an effective shot.
  You may ask how the mind knows if one is about to play a bad shot. The mind, the subconscious mind to be more specific, is the controller of your game, and all physical movements. Your subconscious mind communicates with you in the form of thoughts; feelings, instincts and intuition - and I suggest that you listen to what your subconscious mind says.

Therefore, if you find yourself in any of the above situations, I sincerely advise that you back-off and not play the shot.

Conclusion :

Sometimes when your instinct or gut feeling tells you not to play a shot that means that you are not fully prepared to play a successful shot, and your mind gives an advance warning. So when this happens it is best to back-off from the shot, take another look at the target, and then re-address the ball. So every time before you hit a shot, notice what your mind and body are telling you - you may be surprised to find out that your mind is always right.