The Golfers’ Key to Lasting Concentration: Concentration that Lasts from Range to Course


One of the biggest challenges in golf is to maintain concentration from the range to the course. Maintaining a high level of concentration while playing golf requires a lot practice. Most golfers start a round focused, but often fail to maintain the same level of concentration till the last round. Let us find out the answers to most common problems of golfers - why golfers find difficult to concentrate on their game and why they lose concentration. Further in this article, we will learn the switch on and switch off technique that will help golfers to maintain concentration that would last from range to course.


Why Golfers Find Difficult to Concentrate on Their Game After a Little While?


All human beings have varying degrees of mental stamina, and the simple fact is that our tank is often empty by the time the back nine comes around. If this happens to you, basically it means that your mind is becoming tired of focusing after around nine holes, and it wants a rest.


Do Golfers Really Lose Their Concentration?


I have met any golfers who say, “I start good but as the game move along, I lost my concentration.” But the question is – Do golfers really lose their concentration? The answer to the question is – No. Yeah, you read it correct, the answer is no. A golfer never loses his concentration. The following d\example will help you understand it more clearly.

While you are busy reading this article, you must not have observed the things happening around you, the vehicles moving on the road or if you are in a cafeteria, the people coming in and going out from the restaurant. This is because your concentration was on this article. Now when you start concentrating on things happening around you, it means that you switched your concentration from this article to some other thing. So, the whole point here is to understand that nobody ever loses their concentration. It is just that they switch their concentration to the wrong things.


The Golfers’ Key to Lasting Concentration - The Switch On and Switch Off Technique:


The SWITCH ON and SWITCH OFF is one of the powerful techniques that help golfers to concentrate on their swing and stay focused throughout the game. This technique will tell you how to ‘switch on’ the concentration when required and how to ‘switch off’ when you don’t need so that you give your mind a little relaxation.

Switch On   concentrate 100% each time you have reached your ball.
Switch Off  whilst in transit between each shot, and allow your mind to relax and rejuvenate between strokes.
Use the switch on and switch off technique throughout the entire round, and you will be surprised to find that your concentration will last longer and throughout the round. So, the key here is to give your mind a break between strokes, rather than focusing upon the last shot or the next shot.

The switch on and switch off technique works because our mind needs to have breaks in order to be fresh, active and efficiency. So, you as a golfer need to learn to consciously NOT focus upon your past or future shots. Giving your mind a rest from focusing upon the game is very rejuvenating, as long as you are not focusing upon something else which requires the same level of mental energy.
Conclusion :  Practice the switch on and switch off golf technique between the shots and at the driving range.